The books below by author and counselor Todd Mulliken provide valuable information and resources for anyone seeking information on relationships, parenting, affairs, marital growth, and recovery. Books may be ordered by calling the Mulliken Counseling Center at 952-835-7130.

todd mulliken state of affairs book

The State of Affairs…Why they happen and how love can be restored. This book helps us understand why affairs happen. It also explains which individuals and couples are most vulnerable to an affair. Why men and women cheat. It also specifies the 5 most common affairs in our society today and some specific strategies couples can use to recover from an affair and rebuild their marriage.


Price: $12.50 (tax and shipping included)

todd mulliken all the best for couples book

All the Best for Couples…5 ways to bring out the best in your spouse. This book helps couples understand specific needs men and women have and how their spouse can become more aware of these desires and how to implement them into your marraige.


Price: $11.00 (tax and shipping included)

todd mulliken all the best for parents book

All the Best for Parents…5 ways to bring out the best in your kids. This books reveals Todd’s 15+ years of clinical experience in counseling kids and what they need in order to grow and mature into healthy children of God. Some areas discussed include helping parents understand their own style of parenting and how it impacts their child; learning the uniqueness of each of their children including their personality, gifts and talents; and learning the art of discipling with a balance of truth and grace.


Price: $11.00 (tax and shipping included)